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This privacy policy covers all the concerns related to data/information you (commuters) provide/share wi the BESTPIS. This Privacy Policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by M/s.Verve Compusoft Private Limited.

Being a traveller/user of BESTPIS, you agree to adhere and accept all the privacy policy/terms and condition as mentioned here.In case kind of services provided by us or access any data/information from us.

This privacy policy is applicable only for the BESTPIS App and website,in case of any diversion to any other service provider/website will not be termed under our privacy control and hence you will solely be responsible for any typeof information sharing/transaction in any other website or app.

pS:Our privacy policy is subjected to any type of change at any course of coherence with the policy, kindly visit and read the privacy policy periodically.

Collect/store/secure - DATA

Personal information collected from any user of BESTPIS App and Website is solely gathered for professional tracking purposes only. All the information of any individual shares here at our BESTPIS is securely stored with allmost confidentially. While at any point of time while using BESPIS App or Website, all the private information you share like name,Location, Address, Email, Mobile Number, Age, etc., is of core importance to us. We value your information, hence are store in ancrypted manner and are subjeted to no leakage in any best of our means.

Apart from this, we may also collect information with regards to Internet protocol, domain and host through which you access the internet, name of internet services provider and some more statistical data. All the informationof cookie is also stored for more personalized option and services only.

We (BESTPIS) comply on using all the information only for professional and business purposes only. Hence you can rely on us for sharing your confidential with 100% reliance on us.


We collect information from our user during registration like Sign up for the App or Website, newsletter/subscribe, etc., Apart from these cookies is also automatically stored for personalized service and customer friendly service purposes.

In case if we are coming up with ticket booking options and you are making any sort of bookings through our BESTPIS platform,then we will insist on sharing your credit or debit card information in order to make payment. furtheragain,this data will also be highly confidential and will never be shared in case of any highly demanded situation too.

We don't share/sell/distribute any inforamtion incurred from our customer to any third party organization or company or individual who are outside BESTPIS services unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. we may use your personal information to send you promotional information or for our data reportd purposes to illustrate the statistics alone.

You may request details of your personal information which we hold about you under the Data protection Act 1998, if you would like to have a copy or cross check the information you have shared, you can write to us anytime about it.

At any point of time,if you think the information you have shared during any process with BESTPIS services is incomplete,fake or ruled out,then you may contact us by Email at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

Being apart of client/customer to BestPIS services, assumes you as a user/ viewer, who agrees to all ourPrivacy Policies and Terms &Conditions mention herein.

We as BestPIS service provider solely will not be responsible for the following

In case of any delay during arrival or departure due to traffic issues.

Thebus service being cancelled due to any type of natural calamities.

The Commuter(You) waiting at the wrong boarding point to catch the bus[Kindly please cross check the exact location, date and time of travel before starting your journey towards the boarding point, especially if you are not a regular traveler].

Even though we strive to provide the BEST service to the commuters, we will not take any responsibility of any type of information provided by us.

The arrival and departure timing is tentative which may vary subjected to the traffic in different route with a difference during peak hours and nominal time.

The cancellation period and cancellation policy may vary between different bus route and time. Hence, kindly read the cancellation policy before going further towards booking, if available.

By using this BestPIS application, you signify your acceptances of the policy.If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our application. Your continued use of the application following the post of the change to this policy will be deemed your acceptances of those changes. Once you accept the privacy, terms and conditions policy, we are subjected to communication with you (user/customer/commuter) regarding travel details through SMS, Email and Phone calls (if required).